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"Instead of trying to make your life perfect, give yourself the freedom to make it an adventure, and go ever upward."
- Drew Houston

About Jess & Jeff

Jess Dobbs

Hello! I'm Jess. I will be your main point of contact throughout our adventure together. I'm the lead photographer here. And, I want you to love your photos, more than you've ever loved any other portrait! I'll help you throughout the entire process, from the first phone call, all the way to the delivery of your heirloom keepsakes. I am really looking forward to meeting you!

Jeff Dobbs

And... I'm Jeff. I'm more of a "behind-the-scenes" kinda guy. However, all of the gorgeous locations you see in our portfolio, are of my design. While Jess is posing you, I'll be scouting out perfect locations for you. Of course, I'll be taking photos and assisting Jess in any way I can. I'm rather a quiet soul, but my snarky sense of humor tends to make people laugh. We can't wait to work with you!

Family & Senior Portrait Services

Family Photography

Prove to yourself and your family that your story is worth telling. Our clients are unique families who cherish more than the instant gratification that can be found everywhere today. Our clients desire portrait photographers who want and insist upon doing more, because they know their family is worth it.

Family Sessions Start at $300 for 1 Hour

Senior Photography

Being a high-school senior is a huge accomplishment in today's world. It's truly their last baby-step into the world of becoming an adult. Celebrate their achievements this far in life, with a portrait session just for them! Show off their personality and style, while safeguarding these precious memories.

Senior Sessions Start at $300 for 1 Hour

Heirloom Keepsakes

You and your family deserve to have an heirloom legacy of your own. Your family is the most precious thing in life, and we know just how quickly your little ones will grow up and leave home. Keep them little forever, with heirloom keepsakes that will stand the test of time, and can be passed on to your children.

Heirloom Wall Art Keepsakes Start at $500

Our Desire is to Bring Your Story to Life

We strive to provide stunning artwork to you, that will take you back to a specific moment in your life. We want you to look at and physically feel the magical memories that we captured with you, and those you hold dearest. We believe every family should invest in themselves and their memories.

Ready to Learn More?

Use the form below to get in touch with Jess & Jeff about planning your next Family or Senior Portrait photography session. All sessions start at $300 for 1 hour.

What Our Clients Say

Jess and Jeff are such sincere, good hearted, talented photographers. They have a way to make even the most shy person comfortable in front of the camera while taking breathtaking photos. They are always willing to listen to my suggestions and work them into beautiful pictures! They are so creative and work great with children. They ensure that every photo captures life moments! I would recommend Jeff and Jess for any photo needs you have!!
Nicole D.
Jeff and Jessica are great people to work with. They are very creative in placement for the photos. They are great with the kids too. My daughter is not one to be still and yet they were able to talk to her and get her excited and actually sit for the photos. Thank you so much guys and I am sure when we need to do more photos that you guys will be the ones that we choose.
Krista M.

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