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If you're scrambling for ideas on what to do this year for a special Mom on Mother's Day, you're not alone. Many people are wondering exactly the same thing. These days, moms are focusing less on material needs and wants, and more on experiences that can be had with loved ones instead. As such, we will help you figure something out for the Mom in your life that you want to celebrate, with these 5 thoughtful Mother's Day Celebration Ideas!

When Lauren reached out regarding a portrait session for her fur-baby, Dakota, we were thrilled to get it underway. We absolutely love dogs, and animals in general, and we also enjoy the challenge they present for photographs. What's even better, is that Lauren wanted the photos done in the fall, on her private property within East Tawas Michigan. So, let's view the photos from this adorable session shall we?!

Hello there! Today, you'll be able to witness a wonderful Northern Michigan Elopement at Negwegon State Park with the lovely Robin and her fiancé, Victor. Not only was the weather absolutely perfect for this elopement, but we were able to take advantage of Negwegon's beach and forest for this session. So, stay tuned to see more about this Northern Michigan Elopement!

Hello there! Today I'm going to share with you an amazing adventure that Jeff and I had with Zoe and Justin at Negwegon State Park. You see, we were able to capture not only a live proposal, but also, we were able to do engagement photos directly afterwards! So, stay tuned to see more about this Proposal and Engagement Photo Session!


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