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Meet Jess & Jeff

The adventure ends with your portraits on your walls.

You might be expecting something along the lines of this: “Hi, welcome to our about page. We like coffee, being outside with our dogs, and we love photography!” Well, while that is all true, there is a lot more to us than meets the eye.

Jeff and I have always loved photography, but what really draws us to it, are the people. We love hearing the stories of the people we meet, while on the adventures we take with them. We love hearing what makes people tick, and helping them to enjoy their adventures to the fullest.

While we have been in business for 9 years (as of writing this in 2021), we quickly learned what we do and do not like about portrait photography. One of those things being the impersonal nature that many photographers approach their businesses with.

For example, when we first started our journey, we would show up to a park, take some photos, edit those photos, and then send an online gallery to the clients. That was it. We were “done” at that point. But it didn’t jive well with us, nor with our clients.

It was simply too impersonal. So, over the years we have learned how to fill that void. We learned how to better serve our customers, and make their experience something that they simply couldn’t find anywhere else. We also made sure to not just leave our customers with more work to do in the future.

Coupled with our strong belief in print, we learned how to help guide our customers with what exactly to do with their photos after the session took place. Sure, the adventure and experience is all fun and amazing, but what about afterwards, right?

Looking back on our own experiences, we knew right away that if we didn’t help our clients obtain printed keepsakes, that life would simply get in the way of our clients ever enjoying prints! Case in point, our own wedding photos. I still need to make a wedding album for us to personally enjoy. Life seems to keep getting in the way of that.

So, to avoid this happening to our customers, we now help you from before the session, during the session, and after the session. It is in our blood to help where we can, and in doing so, makes the entire experience more pleasurable for everyone involved.

Anyhow, before I run on too much about all of this, I can say too, that we’re Freedom Loving Americans who desire to help our community. We love going into nature and exploring new parts of Michigan, and sharing those adventures with others. We love creating fun memories, and helping you to preserve those memories in a non-digital format.

And yes, we love coffee too. 😉


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